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Sell Private Mortgages

LoanMLS is the number one place to sell private mortgages online.

LoanMLS is a classified advertising site for loans. LoanMLS provides a central place for brokers, lenders, bankers, and investors to buy, sell or fund loans. LoanMLS lets you place a listing for private mortgages and other types of loans that you wish to sell. Listings may be for an individual loan or pools of loans and may be for any type of loan: private or private, secured or unsecured. You only pay to post a listing - there are no commissions, transaction fees or middlemen. Listings for private loans can be for an individual private loan or for pools of private loans.

In your ad, you can specify:
  • Loan Amount

  • Interest Rate

  • LTV

  • Location

  • And more...

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Frequently asked questions about selling your private mortgage

How does LoanMLS help me?
Whether you wish to buy a loan, sell a loan, or fund a loan, LoanMLS can provide a central place for brokers, lenders, bankers and investors to exchange information with no commissions, and no registration fees.

What is the best way to buy and sell private loans online?
LoanMLS provides the best way for brokers, lenders, bankers, institutions, and investors to buy private loans, fund private loans, and sell private loans.

How do I sell a private loan?
Register at no charge, then list the private loan you want to sell. Thousands of potential buyers of private mortgages will see your ad.

Why sell private mortgages through LoanMLS?
LoanMLS is the country's leading destination online to buy and sell private mortgages. List your loan today and instantly expose it to thousands of buyers.

Who are the sellers of private mortgages for sale through LoanMLS?
Sellers of private loans include private individuals, banks, private equity funds, hedge funds, home builders and home sellers who privately finannced all or a portion of the sale price.

Does LoanMLS have a wide variety of private mortgages for sale?
Yes, choose from a wide variety of loan amounts, loan to value, location, length of the loan, and more.

Should I sell my private loan in this economic environment?
That is entirely up to you. LoanMLS does not provide specific advice about whether or not your should sell your private mortgage.

Is selling my private loan on LoanMLS easy?
Absolutely, that's the whole point. When you decided it's the right time to be selling my private mortgages, list your private mortgage for sale on LoanMLS immediately.

Does LoanMLS have seller financed private loans for sale?
Yes, choose from a wide variety of seller financed private mortgages for sale, including various loan amounts, loan to value, location, length of the loan, and more.

Can I use LoanMLS for selling private loans?
Yes, after you register, it takes less than 5 minutes to list a private loan for sale on LoanMLS.

Does LoanMLS have many buyers of private loans?
Yes, thousands of buyers of private mortgages are currently looking for the private mortgages that you want to sell. The good news is that after you register, it takes less than 5 minutes to list your private loan for sale on LoanMLS.

How many people use LoanMLS to sell private loans?
Hundreds of new people sign up each month to sell private mortgages through LoanMLS.

How do I sell my private mortgage with LoanMLS?
It's very easy to sell your private mortgage. Just click here to get started on selling your private loan.

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