How do I know if a buyer is qualified?

Due Diligence of the buyer is the responsibility of the Seller, you will need to treat the transaction like you would any other real estate transaction when it comes to qualifying the buyer. You have the ability to asked prequalifying questions to the buyer when they send an inquiry about your listing. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to LoanMLS with any questions you have about this process.

How do I email a seller about a listing?

When you click on the specific listing, , you can send an inquiry email directly to the seller through LoanMLS. However, if you have doubts or for whatever reasons you can not contact the seller, please tell us which lisiting you are interested in at info@loanmls.com and we will help you contact the seller.

Is there a commission or fee to sell a loan?

LoanMLS doesn’t charge the buyer or seller a commission for the sale of any listing on LoanMLS, the Seller pays a listing fee for the advertisement

How do I register for LoanMLS?

It is very easy! Just go to on the main page or click here , add your personal information, select what type of member you want to be and you can enter the platform to see all listings.

How do I buy an existing loan, or fund a new loan?

When you click on a listing information link, you are provided with details of that listing. You will see a button “Send an Inquiry”. That will allow you to contact the seller to make your introduction, and start the process of purchasing the asset.

How do I set up a custom confidentiality agreement to be signed by inquiring members?

A direct confidentiality agreement can be downloaded directly from our website by clicking here. (http://www.loanmls.com/account/nda_default/popup/noheaders) You also have the option when placing the listing to customize the questions you would like the buyer to answer when they send the first inquiry about a listing to the seller.

What information should I provide when inquiring about a listing?

The system will walk you through the basic information needed for a loan or pool lisiting on our website. Do not hesitate in contact us directly at info@loanmls.com or 1-866-659-7579, we will be more than glad to assist you in anything you might need.